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Jane's Carousel Spared, But Electronics Damaged In Brooklyn Bridge Park

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Superstorm Sandy spared the historic horses on Jane's Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park, but inundated the basement that houses the electronics that run the ride.

On Monday as Sandy ravaged New York City, photos circulated on showing the pavilion housing the carousel surrounded by what looked like a churning lake. Tweets indicated that park was flooded during the storm, as were the blocks closest to the East River in the surrounding DUMBO district.

But carousel owner Jane Walentas said the 90-year-old carousel survived without damage.

"The wooden Carousel and horses, as well as the building, are all fine," Walentas wrote in a message published on the Brooklyn Bridge Park Facebook page.

But not everything survived unscathed.

"The basement that houses all the electronics was totally flooded – 5 feet of water," Walentas wrote. "As soon as we can pump it out, we'll assess the damage. We're optimistic that the Carousel will be fine, but it will probably take some time to get it fully restored to happily prancing again."

The flooding also damaged the electrical rooms in the irrigation houses, office and concession buildings in Brooklyn Bridge Park, but the extent of the damage was not known Tuesday afternoon. There was also concern that salt levels in the flood water could damage lawns, trees and beds in the park.

Jane's Carousel was constructed by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company in 1922, and was originally installed in the Idora Park amusement park in Youngstown, Ohio. The amusement park closed in 1984 following a devastating fire, but Walentas purchased the carousel, brought it to New York and began a painstaking restoration process.

The carousel opened to the public in Brooklyn Bridge Park last year.

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