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Jane Seymour: Living With An Open Heart

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Actress Jane Seymour achieved international fame as a Bond girl in Live and Let Die, and is also known by many as the star of the hit CBS show, Doctor Quinn: Medicine Woman.

The award-winning actress is also a philanthropist, and the author of Open Hearts Family. She joined The Couch on Wednesday to talk about the foundation, based on the open heart concept, and her new book.

"[The Open Heart Foundation] is a way that we're able to empower and honor people who have taken adversity and crisis in their life and turned it into an opportunity to help others," Seymour said.

The Open Heart foundation is hosting a concert called The Christmas Rose at Carnegie Hall on Thursday night. Among others, the concert will benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy.

"When you're going through a challenge, instead of taking it all inside, if you open your heart, accept what's happened, open up and in some way help someone else - you have a unique opportunity to have a purpose in life and to make a difference."

In addition to acting, Jane has written over 10 books including her most recent Open Hearts Family, along with Among Angels, Open Hearts, Making Yourself At Home, and Remarkable Changes.  As well, she has launched Jane Seymour Designs, a national lifestyle brand inspired by her homes, art and family-centered lifestyle.

The premise of her new book is family - not just the genetic kind, but the folks you connect with throughout your life.

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