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"Israel Friends" charters plane of volunteers, supplies to help on frontlines

'Israel Friends' charters flight to help on frontlines
'Israel Friends' charters flight to help on frontlines 04:47

NEW YORK -- As many people try to escape the fighting in Israel, others are trying to make their way to the frontlines to deliver aid. 

Over the weekend, a nonprofit called Israel Friends chartered a flight from Los Angeles to Israel, bringing more than 200 reservists and volunteers, as well as supplies. 

We spoke with Co-Founder Jordan Fried about what compelled them all to get involved. 

"About a week ago when the war broke out, I got a phone call from a very good friend -- an S.O.S. call to help get reservists with call-up orders back to Israel," he explained. "Flights started getting canceled, insurance companies were putting pressure on the airlines to stop incoming flights to Israel. We took it upon ourselves -- IsraelFriends.US --  we took it upon ourselves as a nonprofit to charter a flight from Los Angeles from LAX coming to Israel with over 150 people who were civilians just a week ago, but are now reservists and upon landing in Israel, are now active military personnel." 

He also spoke about what people on the ground need right now, and what else they have planned to help.

"They need vests, bullet proof vests, they need helmets, they need humanitarian aid, medical supplies, tourniquets, basic things," he said. "God forbid these Hamas terrorists enter Israel again. Israel needs to be in a position to protect itself. That's our mission at Israel Friends." 

Watch his full interview above and CLICK HERE to learn more about their efforts. 

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