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Yormark Changes Course, Says Islanders' Old Goal Horn Will Be Used At Barclays Center

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Score one for the people.

Earlier in the week, Barclays Center unveiled a new goal horn to be used every time the Islanders score in their new building. The fans by and large ripped the move on social media, saying there was nothing wrong with the old horn, which is thought of by many as one of the better-sounding ones in the NHL.

You decide.


Or this:

New York Islanders Goal Horn 2014-2015 by FamousGoalHorns on YouTube

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark has had a change of heart, announcing on Thursday that after seeing fan backlash over the change he has decided to scrap the new horn and bring back the old one.

The new goal horn was the brainchild of a joint venture between Barclays and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and it was designed to sound like the horn of subway trains that stop near the arena.

Needless to say, the Islanders' transition to Barclays Center has been a rough one for fans. They say tradition matters as much as a winning product on the ice. And while the latter has improved in leaps and bounds in recent years, the former, the fans believe, has taken a bit of a beating since the relocation to Brooklyn began in earnest at the conclusion of the 2014-15 season.

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Fans have been at odds with Barclays Center over numerous issues, including the hanging of division championship banners (it took a while before Barclays agreed), the team's new black third jersey (popular opinion is generally split) and, more recently, fans' reported inability to go down to the lower bowl to watch pregame skates, something that was never a problem at Nassau Coliseum.

Mostly, the fans have taken issue with Barclays' desire to rebrand the team in any way. As far as the paying public is concerned, what was good for 43 years while the team was at the coliseum should be good now.

While not saying so publicly, it can be inferred that Barclays is rebranding the team somewhat to appeal to a more New York City-centric fan base, which is its right considering reports have stated the team has sold a lot of season tickets to people who don't live on Long Island.

Perhaps the biggest issue about the move is the fact that Barclays Center was not built with hockey in mind, so there are hundreds of obstructed-view seats littering one side of the ice. While the arena may be state of the art in every way, the obstructed views -- when combined with all of the little issues that have popped up, including the off-center scoreboard -- may be responsible more than anything else for the wedge that has been driven between the fans and Yormark.

This season is going to be interesting on many levels, not least of which being how fans ultimately feel about the Barclays Center experience, which begins on Oct. 9 when the Isles kick off the regular season against the visiting Chicago Blackhawks.

Stay tuned.

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