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See Something, Say Something: Naked Man Shouts Racist Obscenities On 6 Train

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - That's one rude nude dude.

The recent rash of bad behavior on New York City's subways that has been caught on tape seems to have found another new low.

This time, an irate man on the #6 train apparently had some kind of meltdown.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on May 4, a man is seen in his underwear, shouting the N-word repeatedly, pants around his ankles. Apparently he already stripped off his shirt.

When asked to leave the train, he replies "YOU get the f*** off this train!"

Then the man screams "Shoot me! Shoot me, n*****!" apparently to a police officer. The officer is seen standing outside the train car, speaking into his radio.

"Wake the f*** up!" yells the man. "I'm insane, right? I'm insane."

The man then apparently goes on to yell "F***in Jews!"

After bashing a train door's window with his fist, the man goes for the Full Monty, sending the remaining shrieking passengers running.

The man then charged out onto the platform at Hunts Point Avenue. He accosted a woman on a stairwell, ripping a bag from her hands and smashing it against the stairs.

The police officer closed in on him, but the man ran down the stairs and apparently swung on another pedestrian.

That's when the police officer, pedestrians and the naked man all grappled.

Some pedestrians can be heard remarking on the man's behavior. Many seem to be videotaping him on a cell phone.

The man was ultimately brought under control.


It's just the latest in a series of outrageous incidents caught on tape in the subway. Back in March, two women got into a fight over eating spaghetti on the train. In October, a young man identifying himself as "Bloody Loco" yelled at a cool rider, threatening to shoot him. And of course, there was the brave woman who got subway flasher Mario Valdivia arrested after confronting him.

What do you make of the incident? What's with all the outrageous behavior on the subway lately? Sound off in our comments section.

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