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Investigation continues following shootings at famed Glen Cove hotel

Investigation continues following shootings at Glen Cove hotel
Investigation continues following shootings at Glen Cove hotel 02:43

GLEN COVE, N.Y. -- Investigators say they are close to naming and arresting a suspect who shot three people on Sunday following a fight at a well known Glen Cove estate.

It is one of the palatial estates that made up Long Island's Gold Coast. On 55 acres, it was built for the Pratt's -- an oil executive and his wife, who was the first woman elected to Congress from New York.

The more-than-century-old Mansion at Glen Cove has the been the backdrop in classic movies featuring Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn and Alfred Hitchcock, but now it's making headlines for the wrong kind of mystery, CBS2's Jennifer McLogan reported Monday.

"We had between 150 and 200 partygoers. So once shots rang out, chaos erupted," Gen Cove Police Det. Lt. John Nagle said.

Three people, including a private security guard, were shot Sunday in the lobby of the Mansion hotel during a so-called pop-up pool party. They were taken to Glen Cove Hpspital with graze wounds and have since been released.

Invitations had been posted on the internet for the Big Fendi celebrity bash, which was complete with alcohol and outdoor amplified music.

Alvin Silverman lives across from the Mansion.

"There's a tremendous amount of loud noise over here," Silverman said. "I always call them up and ask, 'Who's the DJ?' It's really loud."

Glen Cove Mayor Pamela Panzenbeck said due to previous noise complaints, a party permit application was denied. The revelers were from out of town.

"It was an illegal party," Panzenbeck said, adding when asked about permits going forward, "No permit was issued, so we need to ensure that parties like this don't occur anymore."

McLogan tried to speak to the owner of the Mansion, but was told he was unavailable.

Glen Cove residents had mixed reactions.

"They have weddings there, and nice events. Some parties get out of hand once in a while," Lisa Tuminelli said.

"Get rid of the guns. Get rid of the guns," Frank Powers said.

"It's just a fun event space and I mean, it's great place for family and everything else," Celia Peebles said.

"They bring money to the city, so there must be some kind of balance," Tamara Clark added. "We don't want people getting shot."

Police are collecting surveillance video and said they feel they are close to an arrest.

"Many investigative techniques to find out who the shooter was. I can't elaborate on it right now, but we are doing what we need to," Nagle said.

The Mansion was one of the nation's first conference center hotels. Now, its fate as a party rental space will be determined by the City Council, as the hunt for the gunman continues.

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