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In Search Of Love, NYC Hair Stylist Barters Services For Dates

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- The quest for true love isn't easy.

There are the personals, matchmaking and, of course, online dating, but what do you do if you still can't find "Mr. Right"?

One New York City woman is now bartering for love and just wait until you see what she's offering.

Hair stylist Jill Hammelman has been so busy getting other people ready for their dates she's had no time to find one for herself.

"I was in my workspace 24-7 and the only man I was meeting was my doorman," the 36-year-old told CBS 2's Mary Calvi.

She dabbled with dating online, but with single women outnumbering single men in New York City by over 200,000 Hammelman said she was getting lost in a crowd. So she came up with another idea that she's taken to the Web.

"Here's the deal if you set me up with a smart, funny, good looking, loyal, basically a good guy, then you get 20 percent off your next hair service," Hammelman says on a YouTube video.

Hammelman started bartering her hair services for love.

"If we get married, you get free hair for life, so that's quite an offer," she says on the video.

It's quite an offer considering the average woman spends -- at minimum -- $50,000 on her hair over a lifetime.

"I would love to get free hair services," one person said.

"It sounds good for me," another added.

"Who doesn't want free hair?" resident Sharon Becker said.

Relationship therapist Dr. Jane Greer said Hammelman's idea to barter her services not only sets her apart from the crowded singles scene, it's a much more personal way to meet a man than scrolling through profiles online.

"I think it's really innovative. I think it's clever and I also think it's going back to the roots of the way we used to meet people," Dr. Greer said.

"This takes it back to a place where people can really start to think about you, their friends, their family, their brother, who you might be a good partner, a good fit for on a very specific, individual basis."

"I basically have an arsenal of women at my disposal, so if I offer them an incentive to case the island of Manhattan and find me true love, it makes sense. Why not send out my little army looking?" Hammelman said.

Although Hammelman hasn't found her one true love yet she's now having the time of her life looking for him. Hammelman said some of her friends, who are lawyers, are now thinking about bartering legal advice for love.

For more information, visit Hammelman's blog

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