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Tri-State Area Bahamians Fearing The Worst As They Wait For Any News From Hurricane-Devastated Islands

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- The images of the damage from the powerful Hurricane Dorian have left friends and families in the New York City area deeply concerned for those in the Bahamas.

The local Bahamian community is rallying together to support those suffering, CBS2's Kiran Dhillon reported.

Through devastating winds, storm surges so high entire neighborhoods have been submerged and massive flooding from endless rain, Dorian was still unleashing its wrath on the Bahamas on Monday.

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Videos posted on social media from back home are almost too difficult for the local community to watch. Many residents have family members on the islands.

Hurricane Dorian/Bahamas
Hurricane Dorian devastation in The Bahamas (Photo: ZNS TV)

"I wish them the best and I'm praying for them. They're in Freeport," one woman said.

The storm hit the Abaco Islands, part of the Bahamas, on Saturday as a category 5 hurricane, and it has been grinding there ever since. Its impact has been horrific.

Bahamian media reports an 8-year-old boy is dead after drowning while his family attempted to find shelter. More casualties are expected. The destruction was on the minds of those attending the West Indian American Day Parade in Brooklyn on Monday.

"I have been showing the Bahamian flag because we care about those people," Sen. Chuck Schumer said. "They've undergone a hurricane no one's seen the likes of and we've got to do whatever we can to help them."

"There's no communication with Abaco at all. Because of the devastation, everything is basically gone," added Andrew Albury, president of the Bahamian American Association.

The local Bahamian community said it has been hard to reach many loved ones.

"Because nobody can say exactly how and what is going to happen with the remainder of this hurricane. They're just praying that everything works out," Albury said.

In the meantime, as the dangerous storm continues to stall, the association has started to gather donations for the victims.

"It's wait and see right now. They want to see how we're gonna get the troops together and get everything rebuilt and get everybody back on level ground," Albury said.

The Bahamian American Association said there are about 36,000 Bahamians living in the Tri-State Area, though most are spread out. It said it is planning on opening up its West Harlem office this week if community members would like to gather.

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