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Human remains found inside suitcases in Brooklyn apartment

Neighbors sick after learning human remains found stuffed in suitcases
Neighbors sick after learning human remains found stuffed in suitcases 01:50

NEW YORK -- The NYPD continues to investigate after human remains, believed to be a young woman, were found inside a Brooklyn apartment. 

People who live at 315 Linwood Street said they felt sick when they learned the body parts were stuffed into two suitcases inside a unit of the sixth floor, CBS2's Natalie Duddridge reported Thursday. 

Members of the medical examiner's office wheeled out what appeared to be a body bag on Wednesday night. 

"I'm shocked. I mean, I came in last night and saw commotion," one neighbor said. 

"Disturbing, it's very disturbing," said another. 

"Definitely alarming. I don't feel safe right now," another neighbor said. 

Police said they received calls for a wellness check on a 22-year-old woman. There were also 911 calls reporting signs of blood on the sixth floor and a foul odor. 

"She was my neighbor," a neighbor said. " She was a quiet person." 

"There's been a smell on the floor and then seeping throughout the whole building. We just thought it was like garbage cans. We didn't know somebody had died," another neighbor said. 

So far, police have not confirmed if the remains are the young woman. Neighbors said they haven't seen the woman for several days and were concerned about what sounded like fighting in her apartment. 

"There were always problems between them. Always, always arguments and problems between them," one person said. 

"The guy, he's been abusing her for a long time. When she moved in - he's not on her lease or nothing like that," a neighbor said. "If she's looking at a guy or if she's by anybody, he'll just, like, smack her." 

Investigators were going in and out of the apartment all day Thursday and carrying evidence. So far, there are no arrests and police have not identified any suspects. 

The medical examiner's office is working to determine the cause of death. 

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