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Howard Doesn't Care If He Upset Nets' Williams

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - Dwight Howard doesn't care if he's severed his relationship with Brooklyn Nets' star Deron Williams.

The detested Lakers' big man's list of enemies continues to grow -- and Williams might be the next player that Howard has alienated.

"It's my life, so if he's upset because I made a decision for me, so be it," Howard told the Daily News. "If he doesn't want to be friends because I'm on another team, then so be it. There's no need to smooth things over."

Williams expected Howard to become a free agent after Howard demanded to be traded to the Nets.  Howard continued to pout, but failed to exercise his right to become a free agent which would have opened the door for him to join Williams in Brooklyn.

Howard says he's moved on and is happy to be a Laker.

"I'm here now in L.A. there's no need to talk about what could have happened. I'm happy with being here in L.A.," Howard said in the same report. "The fans have always been great here. Now that I'm on the team the fans, from day one, they've just been unbelievable to me and to this team.

Williams and the Nets are doing just fine without Howard.  They're 6-2 to begin the NBA season and have won five straight.

Are the Nets better off without the distractions of Dwight Howard?  Share your thoughts below...
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