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How To Plan The Perfect Picnic This Season

NEW YORK (WLNY) -- It's finally getting warmer -- and that means picnic season is here.

Lifestyle expert Alejandra Ramos stopped by the Couch with tips and gadgets to help you enjoy the outdoors with family and friends.

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The Picnic Basket: Start off with a great quality basket. It'll make it easier to safely transport all the food, drinks, and supplies to the picnic.

● A classic wicker basket, which is great for a smaller romantic picnic date
● Or a more modern coolerstyle carrier, which can also help keep food cold and usually comes with wheels

The Couch suggestions:  Wicker Picnic Basket Set from C. Wonder ($128) and Tommy Bahama "Relax in
Style" Rolling Cooler ($88)

The Picnic Blanket: Choose a large blanket, towel, or tablecloth that is big enough for everyone to spread out on comfortably. Make sure it's washable so you can just throw it in the washing machine when you get home.

Plates, Utencils: Stay away from glass and china, which can break and is heavy. Instead, choose melamine or acrylic dishes, which are light, unbreakable, and can be reused again and again (better for the environment than paper/plastic!).

Food: Choose delicious foods that travel well and hold up in the heat
● Choose oilbased pasta salads and hearty grain salads instead of mayobased salads, which can spoil in the heat
● Wraps are less messy and travel better than regular sandwiches since the "bread" is already flat
● For dessert, skip the cupcakes, which can get messy, and instead bring along bitesize treats like mini brownies or cookies
● No need to cookpick out these items from the prepared food section of your favorite grocery store, or order online get it delivered right to your home by Fresh Direct

Beverages + Keeping food cold
● Freeze plastic water bottles the night before and use instead of ice packs.
● Bags of frozen fruit can also double as ice packs, and then be combined with infused wine like Madria Sangria in a pitcher for an instant easy sangria
Games: Bring along a couple portable games like a deck of cards or paddleball set to enjoy after eating.
Props: Paddle ball set, deck of cards

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