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How Many Calories Are In That Coffee?

NEW YORK (CBS 2) -- They're the drinks we love for that little pick me up in the morning, but those popular specialty coffees are crammed with calories, as well as caffeine.

Now that New York City law requires calorie numbers to be posted, are coffee lovers paying any attention?

These coffees are loaded with fat and sugar, and that means they can pack on the pounds.

"It's like having a milkshake," said registered dietitian Kerri Glassman. "You might as well have a piece of cake for all those calories."

Some of the most popular carry the highest amount of calories.

"There are some coffees out there that are 300, 400, even 500 calories. That's equivalent or even more than a meal for some people," Glassman said.

Add 560 calories to your diet with a medium frappe mocha from McDonald's. The Starbucks venti vanilla frappuccino blended brings with it 420 calories. However, you can choose a smaller version for less calories.

The Dunkin Donuts mocha swirl latte has 230 calories. It's still too high, said Glassman.

Even more deceiving are those coffees without the whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. The McDonald's large mocha adds 400 calories to your day, Dunkin Donut's caramel apple large latte packs 450 calories, and Starbuck's peppermint white chocolate mocha grande has 540 calories.

"Many people don't realize that that coffee drink on the side is more calories than they should be eating for dinner," Glassman said.

There's no need to give up your coffee altogether. In fact, experts say you can add two cups of coffee to your everyday routine, just be aware of what's in it.

A regular cup of coffee, black, has only two calories.

Click the following for more calorie information for a few popular coffee brands:

Dunkin Donuts
Tim Horton

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