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House Eyes Removing Rep. Anthony Weiner From Committee Posting

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- House Democrats were said to be moving forward with plans to diminish Congressman Anthony Weiner's role in Congress.

They're discussing removing the disgraced lawmaker from his post on the Energy and Commerce Committee, Jay Dow reports.

The move would require the approval of the full House. Getting the required votes might not be a challenge, given the seemingly steady stream of salacious developments. Democrats hope the removal would pressure him to resign on his own.


SLIDESHOW: Women In Anthony Weiner Sexting, Lewd Photos Scandal

The latest was a disclosure from former porn actress, exotic dancer, and aspiring real estate agent Ginger Lee, who said she's one of the women who traded messages with Weiner.

"He asked me to lie about our communication," she said.

With celebrity attorney Gloria Allred by her side, Lee claimed Weiner called her after the scandal broke, asking her to keep quiet about the nearly 100 messages they exchanged.

Allred read some of the messages out loud. One of them Weiner purportedly wrote Lee said "I have wardrobe demands too. I need to highlight my package," Allred said Weiner wrote.

Lee denied sexting with the congressman.

"Any time he would take our communications in a sexual direction, I did not reciprocate," Lee said.

"On June 2, he called me and told me what to say and to do to deal with the mounting pressure from the press and how to handle it," Lee said.

"If called to testify, she will testify truthfully and she will provide all of her communication to and from the congressman to the committee," Allred said.

Should Congressman Weiner keep his committee post? Sound off in our comments section below…

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