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Ask A NYC Fashionista: Hottest Fall 2015 Fashion Trends

Stacked kitten heels
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New York City would be hard pressed to retain its rep as Fashion Capital of the Universe were it not for its fashionistas who live, work and breathe trend here. Chief among them is Stephanie Unter, better known as the New York Fashion Hunter. A stylist by trade, Unter lives up to her tag by scouring designer shows, out-of-the-way stores and New York's most fashionable streets, in search of next season's hottest items. If your heart pitter pats for fall's must-have fashion trends, make room in your closet for Unter's top picks.

Stephanie Unter
New York Fashion Hunter

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Haute Hippie

"Seventies trend is fierce for fall, showing up in flair jeans, huge, amazingly wild capes and the fringe we've seen all spring, which is carrying over into fall and winter," says Unter, who predicts that patchwork textures, as interpreted by Chloe, Tom Ford and other houses, will be one of this trend's most powerful statements. Patchwork florals in bold, block colors will be seen on capes, dresses and accessories like shoes and handbags.

Car Wash Pleats 

Flouncing down the runway in a variety of lengths from mid-thigh to ankle skimmers, this season's must-have skirt shape is surprisingly wearable, sexy and of course, uber-modern. Gorgeous gams can glam it up in stylings like those from Tommy Hilfiger, Christian Dior, SUNO and Proenza Schoeler. Car wash pleats for day and evening wear will be seen in wool, lace and metallic fabrics.

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Slip Dresses 

"I'm thrilled that slip dresses are such a big trend for fall. Everyone can find a slip dress silhouette that flatters them, there are so many cuts to choose from," says Unter, who favors Jil Sander's elegant, monochromatic interpretation and Rag and Bone's edgy, lace-detailed version. Slip dresses in block color patterns, fall's persimmonny-orange tones and forever black will be big.

Stacked Kitten Heels

New York is a walking town and this season's shoes let comfort reign. Taxi-eschewers can say goodbye to sky-high stilettos and hello to chunky heeled gorgeousness in wearable shoes with solid heels and big, thick soles, like the sophisticated grey loafers featured at Stella McCartney to the intricate patterning featured by Miu Miu.

Neo-Victorian Lace 

"Lots of lace made its way down the runway for fall in both head-to-toe versions and in detailing, like trim. One of fall's most powerful trends, lace will be huge as skirts, jackets, T-shirts, stockings, even shoes," says Unter. Look for Giamba's allover, delicate interpretations, turtle necked, red and sexy from Erdem and Oscar de la Renta's nearly-naked ball gown.

The Ever Classic White Shirt 

"Crisp, white shirts are being shown under black tuxedo jackets or blazers for a really fabulous, clean look," says Unter. This season's statement shirt will feature frilled Victorian-styled collars, waiter bowties and ruffled sleeves, or go clean, crisp and sheer. Every woman's closet must-have will show up for fall in both ultra-feminine versions and menswear interpretations.

Metallic for Day and Night 

"Metallic silver is showing up absolutely everywhere, from dresses to accessories, and so are some really interesting green hues," says Unter. Look for interpretations from Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent and Nina Ricci.

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Corey Whelan is a freelance writer in New York. Her work can be found at

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