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Hot Topic: December 22

In New York, one never knows what out-there story will grace the front page of their favorite local tabloid. It's really, really hard to shock the Boomer & Carton crew.

That said, a report that made us all say 'what?!' was front-and-center this morning - a scoop that alleges Rex Ryan's wife, Michelle, just may be a popular foot-fetish video star... and she bears more than just a striking resemblance, according to the website. What do you think?

Unfortunately for Jets cornerback Drew Coleman, he was scheduled to come on the show this morning. We got his two cents on the issue...

All that, the great B&C Christmas celebration, staff x-mas songs, Do You Know More Sports Than..., Kevin the intern returns, Lonn Trost and Cris Collinsworth call in, Week 16 picks, and more on today's radio program...


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