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Minor Improvements Can Help Your Home Stick Out From The Pack In A Hot Real Estate Market

SPRING LAKE, N.J.(CBSNewYork) -- The real estate market is hot right now in the Tri-State Area, but some houses have been sitting with 'for sale' signs for a long time.

As CBS2's Meg Baker reported, some houses look inviting from the outside, but what's going on inside may turn away potential buyers.

"You want buyers to feel like they are walking into a space that can be theirs and if there are constant reminders of you they may not feel that," Karen Natuch, Jack Green Realty said.

Realtors say from the moment a buyer steps inside, to the second they leave, there are little things you can do to help them imagine living in your home.

"You want it to be bright and airy, and inviting. You can open blinds and turn on all the lights," Kiernan Difeo said.

Realtors from Jack Green Realty in Spring Lake help sellers make minor improvements that can really pay off.

It's all about staging, and being neat and clean.

Items on a refrigerator are a no no, especially personal photos.

Natuch also suggested clearing the kitchen counters of coffee makers and more.

As for newspapers and magazines?

"I think a few is not a bad idea, a welcoming piece when people sit down on the couch, but not too much," she said.

She also said people tend to zone in on clutter.

Closet space is also important.

"You want a woman to get excited about the closet they are seeing, and potentially have as their own," Difeo said.

The key is to make the storage space look as big as possible.

"Have everything uniform, buy matching hangers," Difeo said.

And organize your linen closet.

"Make sure towels are folded neatly," Difeo added.

Small baskets are perfect for toiletries.

"The cleanliness of a bathroom when someone walks in is tremendously important," Natuch said.

That means no dirty towels laying around.

"No razors laying around, old soaps, shampoo bottles that are not looking their best, put away," she said.

The ladies also suggested a vase of fresh flowers.

These tips should also be used when taking pictures of your home for the online listing, and the right lighting is key.

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