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Holiday hiring: U.S. companies looking to fill more than 400,000 seasonal roles

Holiday shopping means seasonal hiring opportunities
Holiday shopping means seasonal hiring opportunities 01:39

NEW YORK -- The holiday shopping season is just around the corner, which means companies across the U.S. are looking to fill more than 400,000 seasonal roles. 

The holiday season brings an uptick in consumer spending, and whether it's more orders being placed online or more foot traffic into stores, companies are entering their holiday hiring season. 

"There's a lot of hiring right now, so there are going to be tons of opportunities for people who are looking for a new role," Top Employers Institute Regional Director Trevor Bogan said. 

Holiday sales revenue in the U.S. jumped 5.3% percent from 2021 to 2022, totaling $936.3 billion in sales, and this year is likely to see similar gains, according to the National Retail Federation. Therefore, many companies are looking to fill thousands of positions to keep up with demand without missing a beat. 

"They're looking to supply those jobs and roles before they get into quarter one of next year," Bogan explained. 

Top retailers looking to hire seasonal employees currently include Target, Kohls, Walmart, Amazon, UPS, and USPS.  Many companies are also offering perks, like more pay, bonuses, flexibility and reliable hours during the holidays.  

Although, Bogan adds there are a lot of opportunities for those eyeing roles outside of the retail industry during this time as well, adding that a seasonal or part-time role is a great way to get your foot in the door if you're seeking something long-term. 

"You've got your customer service, the medical industry, so hospitals, they'll have people looking for IT support, anyone who can help with any sort of data analytics, business strategies, project managers are going to be huge right now," Bogan said.  "This is an opportunity where you can get with a good organization, get some good skills, good networking, and learn from people that you would have never worked with before."

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