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Hoboken touts success of Vision Zero safety program; city hasn't had a traffic fatality in 7 years

Hoboken touts success of Vision Zero safety program
Hoboken touts success of Vision Zero safety program 02:01

HOBOKEN, N.J. -- The City of Hoboken says it's been seven years since they've had a traffic fatality, so what are they doing right?

People, buses, cars and other vehicles can share the roadway safely, and Hoboken may have figured out the solution.

"I think any time you can reduce the number of pedestrian deaths, especially in an urban environment, it's a positive thing for the community," Hoboken resident Leo Acevedo said.

The last traffic fatality was in 2017 -- seven years ago. Mayor Ravi Bhalla has led an aggressive Vision Zero safety improvement program.

"We know that speed is one of the number one factors in the severity of traffic crashes," Direction of Transportation and Parking Bryan Sharp said.

The city's speed limit is now 20 mph, and infrastructure at intersections restricts vehicles from parking too close to the crosswalk so drivers have a clear view of pedestrians.

"That opens up sight lines, so whether you're driving a car, riding a bike or you're a pedestrian, there's better visibility at that conflict point," Sharp said.

The Mile Square City has lots of bike lanes, and any time there's a street repaving, the city uses the opportunity to layer in safety improvements.

"There's always more room for improvement in any town," Rutherford resident Bobby Martin said.

Crashes do happen, but the impact is lessened.

Collisions resulting in minor injuries decreased by 18% between 2022 and 2023. Those with serious injuries decreased by 62%.

Vision Zero is an ongoing effort. There are other projects on the way, including Willow Avenue between 11th and 16th streets. That is considered the highest crash corridor in Hoboken, and the city has set it as a priority for safety improvements. 

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