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New State-Of-The-Art $241 Million High School On The Ballot For Hoboken Voters

HOBOKEN, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- Tuesday, voters in Hoboken will decide by mail or in person whether or not to approve the construction of a new high school to the tune of a 30-year $241 million bond.

As CBS2's Alice Gainer reports, it's been contentious between the yays and nays.

Hoboken school board meetings have been heated, but it all comes down to Tuesday's vote.

The Hoboken Board of Education has proposed building a state-of-the-art high school. It would be constructed at the current high school athletic field, moving the field to the roof of the new building.

It also includes: an ice rink; all kinds of laboratories for science, engineering and media; specialized learning classrooms; a theater; tennis courts, and an indoor pool.

UPDATE (1/26/22): Hoboken Residents Vote Against Construction Of State-Of-The-Art High School

The Board of Education says these amenities will make it a resource, they say, not just for students but the entire community.

The price tag is a 30-year $241 million bond. With interest, it ends up being around $331 million.

During a recent informational webinar, the school board aimed to dispel rumors circulating about cost.

"Your school taxes are likely to go up approximately 6%. The resulting tax impact is based on the assessed value of your property," said Hoboken Board of Education trustee Alex de la Torre. "For every $100,000 of assessed value of your property, the anticipated annual tax increase would be approximately $93.33."

Those against it say they want more community input.

"I want to say no. Put the brakes on. Let's take a look at the plans. Let's get the whole community involved," said Robert Donahue, a 40-year resident of Hoboken. "It's a sports complex."

"That has nothing to do with academics. That has nothing to do with math or English proficiency," said Jerome Abernathy, a 30-year Hoboken resident.

Those in favor say they're thinking about the students.

"I think it's just the right thing to do for students here in Hoboken," Hoboken father Marshall Weiss said.

"This is an investment in the entire Hoboken public school system. This is a plan, forward thinking, that will address the needs of the growing population. We need to put these children somewhere," said Clare Danek, a 21-year Hoboken resident.

If passed, the existing high school would become a middle school and the middle school would house another elementary school. Work would begin in late 2022, slated for completion in three or four years.

Polls are open until 8 p.m.

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