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Suspects Caught On Camera Stealing Trump Signs From Front Lawns In New Jersey Town

HILLSDALE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- Donald Trump campaign signs are disappearing in one New Jersey town after suspects were caught on video stealing them.

CBS2's Steve Langford reported a person was seen on surveillance video grabbing a "Trump for President" sign off the front lawn of a Hillsdale home. The Trump supporter posted the video on YouTube.

Donald Trump Sign Theft by Anthony Sgroi on YouTube

Bob Vogt, who lives across the street, had his Trump sign stolen, too, and he also captured the suspect on camera.

"Here she is walking right down there across my neighbor's driveway with my sign under her arm," Vogt said.


The Vogts dropped the charges against the suspect after she called police to confess and apologize.

However, not everyone was so forgiving.

"What's the matter with people today? You're entitled to put whatever sign you want," resident Theresa Manole said.

One of the victims in the Trump sign-jacking told CBS2 off-camera he would certainly press charges against the suspect since his signs have been stolen several times.

One neighbor, however, was glad someone removed the Trump signs.

"I think it's a great idea because I don't think he should be out in the public," resident Peter Hebner said.

Both Trump-supporting homes have defiantly re-posted their campaign signs.

Police said they still have an open case in the matter of the homeowner who's had several Trump signs stolen.

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