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High-Tech Toys On Display At Second Annual 'Kids And Family Tech Expo'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- If you've been shopping lately, you know a lot of what's out there for children has gone high tech.

CBS2's Elise Finch got an inside look at some of the newest tech toys, some of which aren't even on the market yet.

They're the toys your kids will probably be asking for this holiday season, including palm sized robots, kits that bring legos to life, and sound tools that let you listen to your play dough.

"All Play Dough is conductive, and that allows electricity to go through the Play Dough, and these devices we have respond using light or sound," Luke Young from Tech Will Save Us said.

A select group of new toys were featured at the second annual Kids and Family Tech Expo in Chelsea on Tuesday.

Michael and Lindsey Brecko are sibling bloggers from New Jersey who told CBS2 their favorites.

"The virtual reality from Playstation," Michael said. "It was like a safari."

"This little robot right here," Lindsey said. "It does so many things and it's so fun and adorable."

There was an augmented reality robot that kids can control with their tablet or smartphone.

The same company who makes that also makes a "Cubetastic" puzzle, basically a high tech rubik's cube that teaches kids the algorithm to solve it.

"You scramble up the cube and scan each center color with the app and then it will actually show you step by step how to solve the cube," Amy Braun from Pai Technology said.

An interactive water bottle uses sensors to reward kids for staying hydrated. As they drink, they unlock parts of a game they can play right on the bottle.

9-year-old Allegra Horn from Kew Gardens says she's already at level 100.

If you want a toy that doesn't use a tablet, smartphone, or any kind of keyboard, there are old school blocks that have new school barcodes. When they're scanned, the robot lights up, spins around, or does whatever your child programs it to do.

"It gives the kids a sense of agency that they can control technology and they do so with things that are familiar with them," Mitch Rosenberg from Kinderlab said.

There were also kid-sized computers on display, with parental controls built into them, alarm clocks that track children's sleep habits, and kudo bands that act as a wearable rewards system for good behavior.

Most of the toys are on sale now, while others will be within the next few weeks.

Below is a full list of the toys that were on display Tuesday, along with their manufacturers:

Palm Sized robots - Little Robot Friends

Lego Boost - Lego

Electric Dough Kit – Technology Will Save Us

VIRRY VR for Playstation - VirryVR

Augmented Reality Robot – Pai Technology

Cube-tastistic – Pai Technology

Gululu Interactive Water Bottle – Bowhead Technology

KIBO (block robot) – KinderLab Robotics

Kid Sized Computer – Tanoshi

Remi Clock – Urban Hello

Reward Wrist Bands – Kudo Banz

Education Cube & Logic Blocks - Primo

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