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Millburn Educator Takes Aim At Teen Drinking During Friday Night Football Games

MILLBURN, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- A pair of schools in New Jersey are looking for ways to keep kids sober at high school football games.

Friday night lights are a tradition at high schools around the country.

"That's why people love the football games. Friday night, get to be with your friends," Remy Haggerty told CBS2's Meg Baker.

Lately it seems the attention has been taken away from the field and into the stands to students behaving badly.

Two students were taken away in an ambulance at Millburn High School two weeks ago -- they were drinking in the stands, and no backpacks are banned.

"The very basics are; they can't bring in water bottles, Gatorade bottles, or water bottles if they want something to drink buy at the game," Millburn High School principal William Miron said.

"I think it will help stop people from bringing alcohol to games. There's also issues with drinking beforehand," Dillon Kobberger said.

Prior to the season, the principal at Millburn said they changed several rivalry games from Friday night to Saturday afternoon in hopes of deterring drinking.

"This is a superficial attempt to stop what we can stop," Miron said.

At Randolph High School's season opener, a beer can was thrown from the student section. And in Brick, alcohol was found after a fight broke out between rivals.

"Before games, the pre-loading that goes on. We tend to think it's parents and kids responsibility before the game," Miron said.

Parents agree.

"You have to be good parents. Have to be firm, trust them, but verify," Christian Kubick said.

"I think it has to come from parents and teachers to educate them on the social aspects of drinking," another parent said.

The principal does not want to have to resort to breathalyzing before games and hopes parents and students take this seriously.

Brick has also instituted the no bag policy, there have been no incidents at the Saturday games in Millburn.

The principal at Millburn is also keeping an eye out for edible marijuana after marijuana laced gummy candy was recently brought to school.



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