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For Many Women Wearing High Heels Around The Holidays Can Be A Complete Pain In The…Feet

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) -- The holiday season is here, and that means lots of parties and events.

For many women that's the time to throw on the high heels, which can look great, but can end up being painful.

"It's excruciating, you know if you go to a wedding and then you realize 'oh gosh I shouldn't have worn these shoes,'" Christine Guimaraes told CBS2's Cindy Hsu.

"It's so painful at first and then your feet just go numb," Olivia Simons said.

Sharon Monplaisir injured her Achilles tendon when she tripped down a flight of stairs in high heels, but she loves them and puts up with the pain.

"To put your foot flat on the floor is painful. The back of your heel hurts, your arches hurt. It's just very uncomfortable," she said.

Dr. Nadya Swedan said high heels can cause a lot of problems.

"All that squishing can cause bunions, and it can cause metatarsal pain or pain in the toes and pain in the ball of the foot," Dr. Swedan explained.

She said putting gel insoles in your shoes can give you feet a little more cushion. She also likes YogaToes Gems that stretch and separate your toes. You can put them on when you're relaxing at home.

"You can see how wide my foot just got, bunions push you this way and then this is opening it up, which is a really nice thing," she explained.

The foot rocker can rock away the pain.

"It's working your calf muscles, it's helping to decrease the swelling that you might get in your foot, it feels really, really good," she added.

A foot massage also feels really, really good, but if you don't have the time or the money you can get one at home with a massage ball that can be rolled under your foot. You can also make a pain reliever that won't cost a thing if you happen to have a bottle of water handy.

"Stick it in the freezer, now it's icy, ice is always good for anything inflamed or sore, or overused," Dr. Swedan said.

A bottle with ridges works best, and you don't even have to freeze it, cold water works fine.

You might also find the best relief by just going with flats.

Those who love heels said the key is to wear them for short periods of time.

Throw a pair of flats in your bag to wear to and from the party, and only wear your heels while you're at the celebration.


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