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5 Heroes Honored For Lifting Car Off Baby Girl, Saving Mother In Yonkers Crash

YONKERS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- There were big honors Wednesday for five humble heroes who helped rescue a baby in Yonkers.

The child was trapped under a car that smashed into a barbershop.

On Wednesday, her father was on hand to share his gratitude.

As CBS2's Tony Aiello reported, gratitude overwhelmed Jorge Palacios at Yonkers City Hall. It was understandable, since he witnessed the July 23 horror on Lake Avenue, and the heroic rescue that followed, after his wife and child were struck by an unlicensed, alleged drunk driver.

"Just thankful mom and the little girl are doing okay," said Officer Rocco Fusco of the Yonkers Police Department.

Fusco was with his partner at a bagel shop when the car struck the mom and child, pushing them into a barber shop. He went into Olympian mode, lifting up the car so partner Paul Samoyedny could rescue baby Leslie.

"It's all adrenaline. I have a little girl, too. Anyone who has kids understands. Do anything to get that kid out of there," Fusco said.

Three civilians were also honored Wednesday. Mike Lorusso, Jose Suero and Bart Castillo all helped lift the car off the trapped child.

"We just did it. Baby under the car? That makes you want to lift a little more. I seen the baby come out the car, I was like relieved. And then we see the mother in front of the car," Castillo said.

Mirna Palacios is still hospitalized with serious injuries.

Jorge Palacios told Aiello baby Leslie is home and doing great.

"She's good. She's very strong," Palacios said.

All the heroes are humble about their roles in the rescue.

"This is nice of the city. I'm no hero. You just do what you gotta do when you're presented the time. In my mind, you know -- just the way we're brought up," Lorusso said.

They rose to the occasion and helped save lives.

Mirna Palacios needs extensive rehab, after massive injuries to her spine and limbs. There's a GoFundMe campaign to help support the family. For more information, CLICK HERE.

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