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Hempstead Town Board Approves Gas Station Generator Measure

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) - It will be hard to forget the long gas lines that formed after superstorm Sandy hit and the town board in Hempstead, Long Island has approved a new law to try and prevent the lines from every happening again.

Town Supervisor Kate Murray told WCBS 880 reporter Sophia Hall larger gas stations - those with five pumps or more - will have to install generators by the year 2015.

In addition, all new gas stations have to be constructed with the generators.

Hempstead Town Board Approves Gas Station Generator Measure

"We think that this is an important link towards avoiding that kind of terrible scenario that so many of us suffered from," Murray told Hall.

Murray said that after Sandy hit, most stations had gas in the pumps, but because they did not have electricity, no one could get the gas from the tanks in the ground to the tanks in the cars.

"Our citizens were victimized twice - one by Sandy and then the second time by having to stay in line for hours upon hours," Murray said.

The cost to each station for the generators will be about $40,000.

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