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New Jersey Company Helps Fit Dozens Of Residents In Need With Free Hearing Aids

WESTFIELD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- Some local residents who really need hearing aids but can't afford them are getting help thanks to one New Jersey company. It's part of their "Campaign for Better Hearing."

Paul Schachman comes to HearingLife in Westfield every six months to monitor his hearing and check on his hearing aids.

"Each time we discuss new technology, but he's unable to move forward with what he truly needs due to difficult family times," Dr. Kristen Handal said.

"My older daughter's having medical issues. That's why I have to rush out of here and get there. She has to go back to the doctor. She can't drive. She lost her right leg," Schachman said.

A new pair of hearing aids can cost upwards of $7,000 without insurance. Medicare doesn't cover it, and the retired 72-year-old says he can't afford it.

"Today he broke down crying with me about the tough times he's going through with his daughter and how he has to put that first before spending money on himself for new hearing aids," Handal said.

The Springfield resident struggles watching TV and sometimes on the phone.

"When I'm outside, I don't carry the batteries. All of a sudden you hear beep, beep, beep. Then the hearing aid goes dead," Schachman said.

Handal nominated him internally to win a free pair. The last line on the application?

"I'd love to help him out and allow one thing in his life to be easier," Handal said.

"I was surprised and happy when she called me," Schachman said. "She said you won!"

He received the new technology Friday.

He'll have better clarity, less background noise and won't have to worry about battery life.

Sometimes in life, it just takes one kind person to help another kind person. In this case, it's a doctor and her patient.

HearingLife has fitted 75 people so far in 2021 for free hearing aids, including Schachman.

CBS2's Leah Mishkin contributed to this report.

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