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Health Experts Offer Tips For Staying Well While Working From Home

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - Staying at home all day provides a number of new health obstacles during this unprecedented time. Some doctors shared tips on how you can keep you and your family healthy.

One health obstacle is posture since many people are working from home on their phone or computer, and not always working at a desk like normal.

"Everybody's going to be in sitting postures, having text neck," chiropractor Dr. Joseph D. Salamone said to CBS2's John Elliot. "These people really need to make precautions and live a healthier lifestyle while we're in this quarantine state."

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Dr. Salamone recommended three stretches everyone can do to keep healthy.

Spinal twists should be done before you get up in the morning. Dr. Salamone said to sit on the side of your bed with your hands on your knees and twist 15 - 20 times each side.

"What it does is it hydrates your discs and gets you ready for your day," said Dr. Salamone.

Next, Dr. Salamone recommended doing hamstring stretches before you get moving.

Finally, neck stretches. Roll up a towel with elastic bands on each side. Lay down with the rolled towel under your neck and your head bent back with your neck in extension. Dr. Salamone said to do this 2 - 3 times a day to really help with your posture.


In this stressful time, ER Pediatrician Dr. Sanjay Mehta said it's important to be mindful of your stress and emotions.

"We have to remember we can project our stress onto our kids whether they're toddlers, elementary aged or teenagers," said Dr. Mehta. "We have to be mindful that our anxiety will project onto them."


Dr. Mehta said to always be truthful to your children, but the amount of detail you give should depend on their age.

"It's important to have structure, but allow them to be free allow them to have some moments to enjoy home as well," said Dr. Mehta.

He also reminded people that they can still see a pediatrician during this time and it's important to not let other little sicknesses turn into bigger things by ignoring them.


With elective surgeries being rescheduled, patients can still use telemedicine to get in touch with doctors.

"You can't do surgery now, but you could plan for it or get your questions answered," said plastic surgeon Dr. Barry DiBernardo.

He says apps and online features can keep your privacy secure while still being able to do consultants with clients. Dr. DiBernardo recommended talking to your primary care doctor to see how they are handling requests.


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