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Wayne Police: NJ Woman Posts 'Silly Piggies Tricks R For U' On Social Media After Filing False Report

WAYNE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) - A woman allegedly called 911 to draw officers away from her location so she could drive home under the influence, Wayne Police said Thursday.

The incident took place Monday at 3:15 a.m. That's when Wayne Police say they got a 911 call saying that a woman was being assaulted in the parking lot of Mothers Ale House on 95 Mountain View Blvd.

Officers responded to the scene with lights and sirens, but found no assault in progress. They checked security cameras and saw that no assault had taken place.

Police said Hayley Oates made the call so that she and a companion could drive home from the Grasshopper Bar & Grill on Erie Avenue under the influence without fear of being arrested.

Oates allegedly posted to social media a message reading "lmao.. 2 mins later the cop peals out.. silly piggies tricks r for u."

Oates, of Lake Hiawatha, faces charges of filing false reports to law enforcement and creating false public alarm.

Police were furious at Oates' alleged conduct.

"You're misusing the system. You have 911 personnel that are answering the call. You have police officers that should be doing other things, are now responding to a call that's false so that you can drive away drunk?" said Wayne police Detective Capt. Laurence Martin. "And then bragging about it on social media -- that's as dumb as it gets."

Back in 1993, Paramus Police Officer Vincent Brock died responding to a false call of a shooting at Garden State Plaza.

"That horrible memory resonates in our minds and drives our response to this harassment of the law enforcement and public safety community," Wayne Police said.


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