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Harvey Weinstein Trial: Prosecution Makes Closing Arguments In Rape, Sex Assault Case

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - The prosecution gave its closing argument in the rape and sex assault trial of Harvey Weinstein Friday.

Weinstein maintains all sexual encounters were consensual.

The Manhattan DA's office says these women were disposable to him.

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Assistant District Attorney Joan Iluzzi painted the picture of a wealthy and powerful man in Hollywood, a man powerful enough to get presidents on the phone, who preyed on women. Women who often came from broken homes, aspiring actresses looking for work, too scared to ever speak up.

"Fact that they wanted to get into his universe was all he needed," Illuzzi said, alleging Weinstein would pull a "trick and surprise."

Weinstein would make women think they were meeting up for script readings or other professional matters, then allegedly assault them, Illuzzi argued.

Illuzzi displayed a 2017 email that showed a "red flag" Miramax list of people who Weinstein thought might be talking to journalists about his sexual conduct with women.

Regarding an article about actress Annabella Sciorra's rape claim, Weinstein wrote to a lawyer and crisis manager ":this was consensual or deny it."

Illuzzi said to the jury "I submit to you that's a confession."

Though Sciorra's rape claim from the early 90s is past the statute of limitations, it is being used for the predatory sexual assault charge.

The 67-year-old is accused of raping aspiring actress Jessica Mann at a Manhattan hotel room in 2013, and forcing a sex act on Project Runway production assistant Mimi Haley in 2006 at his SoHo apartment.

Three other accusers were called as witnesses by the prosecution in an attempt to show he was a serial sexual predator, but he is not charged in New York for those alleged crimes.

Illuzzi told the jury these women "didn't come for money... didn't come for fame," they "sacrificed their privacy" to help try to convict him.

The Manhattan DA's office had no comment after court.

Thursday, the defense appeared extremely confident after its closing argument. Today?

"I think he's confident," attorney Donna Rotunno said. "This is a case that should be about evidence, and shouldn't be about emotion."

As for when the jury will decide his fate, court is off for the holiday Monday. They'll begin deliberations Tuesday.

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