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Harvey Weinstein Trial: A Look Back As Jurors Are Set To Begin Deliberations

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - The fate of Harvey Weinstein now rests in the hands of jurors.

Seven men and five women will begin deliberating Tuesday after weeks of graphic testimony in his rape and sex assault trial.

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A former Hollywood heavyweight - now older, thinner and hunched over - the 67-year-old Weinstein enters criminal court daily with the aid of a walker following surgery: A walker that's been called a prop by the prosecution.

Once a powerful man capable of making an actor a star, Weinstein's now on trial accused of raping and sexually assaulting aspiring actresses, of using that influence to prey on those women.

In court, naked photos of Weinstein were shown to the jury after at least two accusers gave descriptions. "Deformed" is how Jessica Mann described him, saying it looked like he was missing parts of his genitalia. Weinstein just laughed it off.

"I went out with her for five years," he said.

Though they dated for a time, Weinstein is charged with raping Mann at a Manhattan hotel room in 2013.

She says she never told anyone out of embarrassment.

Often by force of subpoena, the defense called witnesses trying to poke holes in these stories.

"I didn't want to come," said actress Talita Maia.

Maia, a former friend of Mann's, says she never heard about the alleged rape and that Mann always described Weinstein as her "spiritual soulmate."

In 2006, Mimi Haley alleges Weinstein forcibly performed a sex act on her at his SoHo apartment.

"He pushed her onto the bed in the apartment. She kept saying 'no, no,'" Haley's attorney Gloria Allred said.

The defense pointed out other "consensual" physical encounters, and flattering emails Mann and Haley both sent Weinstein after the alleged attacks, like one Mann sent saying "As always happy to see your smile, looking forward to catching up."

The defense painted them as opportunistic.

The women said they feared for their careers and didn't want to anger him.

Actress Annabella Sciorra testified Weinstein allegedly raped her in the early '90s, pushing his way into her apartment and later telling her "This remains between you and I."

Actress Rosie Perez took the stand, testifying Sciorra told her about it back then.

The defense called former friend of Sciorra's and current Weinstein ally Paul Feldsher, who said he didn't know about the rape and it was his "understanding that she fooled around with him."

But during an explosive cross examination, Feldsher also told the court he believed Weinstein had a sex addiction.

Sciorra's rape claim is past the statute of limitation, but it is being used for the predatory sexual assault charge.

Six accusers took the stand, though he's only facing charges related to three. The others testified in an effort by the prosecution to show Weinstein was a serial sexual predator.

Dawn Dunning testified he put his his hand up her skirt at a meeting in 2004, saying "don't make a big deal about this," and on another occasion said "here's contracts for three films. I'll sign them today if you have a threesome with me and my assistant."

Tarale Wulff says Weinstein told her she was doing a movie reading then allegedly raped her, saying "don't worry, I have a vasectomy."

Model Lauren Young brought in the dress she was wearing in 2013 when she alleges Claudia Salinas shut an L.A. hotel bathroom door on Young and Weinstein, trapping her inside as Weinstein groped her and performed a sex act on himself.

Salinas testified it "never happened."

Weinstein maintains any sexual encounters were consensual and did not take the stand, though he claimed he wanted to, talked out of it by his legal team.

"He did not have to do that, because the evidence presented in this case was anemic at best," said defense attorney Arthur Aidala.

The defense also called a so-called memory expert to the stand to talk about how memories change over time, and the prosecution called a forensic psychologist to talk about why victims stay in touch with their abuser.

CBS2's Alice Gainer has spoken to a few legal experts about the case. Tuesday, they'll break down the charges for us as the jury begins their deliberations.

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