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Harvey Levin On WFAN: The NFL Is 'Out Of Control' Right Now

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- On Monday, TMZ released an extended video of former Ravens running back Ray Race assaulting his then-fiance in an elevator.

Rice was subsequently cut by the Ravens and suspended indefinitely by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Goodell claimed that he hadn't seen the second Rice video until Monday, but on Wednesday afternoon the Associated Press reported that, according to a law-enforcement official, the extended video was sent to the NFL in April.

Harvey Levin

The league later announced that an independent investigation, led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller, would be launched in an effort to find out if the evidence in the Rice case was handled properly.

TMZ Founder Harvey Levin tweeted early on Thursday afternoon that this news organization believes it knows the NFL employee who received the video, and he joined WFAN host Mike Francesa on the air later in the day.

"I can't tell you," Levin told Francesa in regard to when that news might break. "It could be in the next half-hour and it might not be at all. We're just working on it right now, but we definitely have a very credible lead."

Many have called for Goodell's resignation, and tons of current and former players have taken to Twitter to vent their frustrations about the commissioner and how the league has been operating of late.

According to Levin, the NFL is nothing short of a mess right now.

"I'll say something to you that we really haven't even talked about on the site or on any of TMZ's platforms," Levin said. "The NFL, right now, I think they're out of control. We have gotten multiple conflicting statements from various people we've been talking with inside there, where it sounds like they don't know what's what.

"Part of this just may be their spinning, and trying to figure out exactly where to go and what's going on. But we have gotten multiple conflicting reports now in terms of various things that are going on. And all I will say is today has been interesting."

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