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Hail Storm Shatters Windows, Rattles Nerves In Queens Neighborhoods

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- The weather on Monday afternoon was unlike anything seen so far during this summer of severe weather.

Parts of the Tri-State area were pounded from the sky -- with wind, lightning and ice.

Residents in Little Neck, Queens picked up the hail and put them in their freezers just to have evidence.

"I've never seen anything, it was horrifying," Gail Kolidas told CBS 2's Lou Young.

As intense as the damage was, it was also concentrated along the Queens-Nassau line.

The hail stones shattered car windows, punctured plastic lawn furniture and vinyl siding. It also did a good job of rattling nerves.

New Hyde Park hail
A CBS 2 viewer named Linda in New Hyde Park, N.Y., sent us this image of spiked, baseball-sized hail that she said fell in her neighborhood on Aug. 1, 2011.

"Unbelievable," remarked Sherly Mesten.

Hours after the storm ended, the hail was still melting where it pooled down into the lawn.

"It looks like eggs," said Young Kim, "I see this, this is ice. Unbelievable."

One CBS 2 viewer sent in an image of baseball-sized hail that she said pelted her neighborhood in New Hyde Park on the North Shore of Nassau County.

In Douglaston, one man's lawn looked like the wrong end of a driving range, then the lightning bolt hit.

"You could actually feel the shock wave from the sonic boom from the lightning bolt," Mike Akers said.

The lightning damaged a tree, while other trees succumbed to the wind. However, it was the ice that had everyone's attention.

Hail also pounded the atrium panes at the Ronald McDonald house near Long Island Jewish Hosptial.

"It was pretty wild. It was loud. It was pretty incredible," said Chris Consentino.

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