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Residents In River Vale, N.J. Dealing With Water Everywhere After Hackensack River Overflows Due To Nor'easter Rains

RIVER VALE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- A huge amount of rain fell in parts of New Jersey on Tuesday.

CBS2's Vanessa Murdock was in the backyard of residents in River Vale that usually plays host to parties and family gatherings, but on Wednesday it became apparent they won't be having anyone over to enjoy their property any time soon.

A red shed was partially submerged up to its windows, the water almost high enough to launch canoes dry docked. The normally peaceful Hackensack River was filled well beyond its brim and it took over backyards along its banks in Old Tappan and River Vale, wooded land, too. What CBS2 saw was considered only moderate flooding.

It was all the end result of more than 6 inches of rain dumped on some in the Garden State. Some of the biggest numbers from around the state include Waldwick with 6.13 inches and Little Falls with 5.82 inches. In River Vale, the total was 4.53 inches.

"I saw the water rising. I got really scared that this was going to happen all over again," resident Susan Goldblatt said.

Goldblatt said water came up to the foundation of her River Vale home this time.

"Close, very close," she said.

During Ida, 4 feet of water came inside. Her home became an island. She just finished repairs and now this.

"No damage, thank God," Goldblatt said.

It was a big relief. Still, the normally 20-foot wide Hackensack River comes way too close for comfort, engulfs her backyard and brings uninvited but pleasant guests.

"Today, you don't see the ducks, but the ducks and the fish are joining us for breakfast," Goldblatt said.

Officials said all of the rivers in New Jersey that overflowed or were in danger of doing so have since started to recede.

Also in New Jersey, one person was hurt after a tree fell onto a car.

Police said it happened at around 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday on Mendham Road in Morris Township.

Video shows crews on the road hours later, removing branches.

The extent of the victim's injuries is not clear.

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