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Grub Snub: New Survey Poo-Poos NYC Chinese Food

NEW YORK (CBS 2) -- Who would ever think of traveling to Pennsylvania to get good Chinese food?

A new survey has totally snubbed New York City's fine Asian cuisine and tabbed a restaurant in Bryn Mawr, Pa., as the best in the land, CBS 2's Magee Hickey reports.

With more than 6,000 Chinese restaurants in New York City, it's hard to believe Chinese Restaurant News put only two in the top 10, including none from Chinatown, reports CBS 2's Magee Hickey.

"This is Chinatown also, just in Queens not in Manhattan, and the food is fabulous," said Szechuan Gourmet diner Art Garfinkel.

A survey by the California-based publication put Szechuan Gourmet of Flushing at No. 4 in the top 100 based on media reviews, readers' votes and mystery diners' assessments.

Customers here rave about the jellyfish, the pork bellies and the fish head cellophane stew.

"It's very spicy," diner Rebecca Peng said.

"In fact it's so authentic, I'm crying right now. It's so hot," Perry Berger added.

So Hickey took the advice -- pork bellies, Szechuan chicken dish and dumplings. And the verdict came quickly – Chinese food in Flushing is very good.

But equally loyal customers at No. 9 on the top 100 -- Congee Village on the Lower East Side -- tried to convince Hickey their food is best.

"Beef with noodles. I think it really London Broil," diner Thorney Davis said.

"Chinese or American, fun neighborhood restaurant and enough to take home for dinner," diner Yung Man Lee added.

Restaurant consultant Ed Schoenfeld said while the top 100 doesn't reflect the height of the art of really fine Chinese cooking, Chinatown restaurants shouldn't feel snubbed.

"Chinatown isn't losing its edge as much as it's expanded as Chinese population has integrated into society, so we have really nice restaurants in Queens and Brooklyn that deserve to be on the list," Schoenfeld said.

So there no need to travel to the top-ranked Yangming's in Bryn Mawr. Foodies say there's fine fabulous Asian cuisine much closer to home.

The only other New York City Chinese restaurant on the list was China Sun Asian Cuisine on West 39th Street -- and that was No. 98.

Do you agree or disagree: New York City just doesn't cut it when it comes to great Chinese food?  Is our pride of all things New York just off-base when it comes to Chinese cuisine???

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