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Growing Number Of Women Turning To Homemade Cosmetics

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Many creative entrepreneurs sell their products on and offline, but would you trust an at-home manufacturer with your cosmetics?

As CBS 2's Alice Gainer reported, some consumers are swearing by the do-it-yourself products.

Some experts, however, warn that consumers need to be well-educated about the products they're buying.

"When I heard that somebody was actually mixing and matching and using all natural ingredients in their home setting, I thought that was fabulous," said Marta Countess.

Countess recently tasked a local makeup artist to create cosmetics for her that wouldn't irritate her sensitive skin.

And she's not alone. A growing number of woman are turning to homemade cosmetics, often sold online.

While the same safety rules for big companies apply to home entrepreneurs -- cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson said consumers should choose their makeup carefully.

"In general the FDA is not inspecting these places unless there is a big or a large number of consumer complaints," he said. "All sorts of issues that could happen with buying homemade products, including allergic reactions, possible irritation."

Home makeup manufacturer Kim Snyder said she takes extensive precautions.

"If you are as sanitary as you can be, it makes a difference. If you're just sitting on your kitchen table you slop it all together that's a problem," Snyder said.

Experts suggest that before you purchase homemade cosmetics, you should ask around for recommendations, ask sellers how they prepare their makeup, and request a sample to test it out, Gainer reported.

As for Countess, she said she's had no problems with her makeup so far.

"The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and it's all making us all beautiful. So, you know, great combo," she said.

On its website, the FDA warns homemade cosmetics makers that they have a legal responsibility for the safety of their products. The website said packaging and labeling cannot be deceptive.

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