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Groups For New York City Moms

Mothers and their babies (photo credit: Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images)

There are tens of thousands of moms in New York City but how can they connect without stalking each other in playgrounds? The beauty of a Mom Group is that the meeting and greeting is all taken care of, so you can move right on to being friends. Here are some of the best and most popular mom's groups in the five boroughs, covering everything from live mommy meet-ups to social media and virtual support systems.

Urban Mom Squad

Hot off the presses, the Urban Mom Squad (offshoot of the wildly popular Urban Girl Squad) was just launched in July of this year and is roaring along with Moms-only nighttime events and kid-friendly daytime events. Membership is free.

Big City Moms

Big City Moms is a big-time group (over 30,000 members) with a small-time philosophy: there's something here for every mom. If you're looking for seminars, mom lunches, kids' events or family fun days, or if you just want to be connected to an online community, Big City Moms probably has it covered.

Bronx New Mommies Group

The Bronx New Mommies Group's tag line is "Focusing on the needs of the Mommie" and this mantra infuses the group. Leaning more towards a support and information source than a mere social club, BNMG has categories like "Mommie School" and "Mommie Care Program" to its credit.

baby bites

baby bites began as a series of luncheons for SAHMs (stay-at-home moms) and quickly escalated into a much-needed source for all things mommy, even branching out into 'kiddie bites' for moms of kids 4 years old and over. baby bites meets the usual mom's group needs, meet-ups, seminars, support groups and an online community, with a few extras: they host sample classes around the city and have a resource for finding a nanny or finding your nanny a new job.

HRP Mamas

A neighborhood-specific group, HRP Mamas (Hudson River Park Mother's Group) serves moms in TriBeCa, Battery Park City, the Financial District, SoHo and the South Street Seaport areas with playgroups and a thriving online community. Based on creator Anna Grossman's idea that moms need other moms on a daily basis, HRP Mamas has over 1,000 members, but still manages to be very intimate.

Shari Simpson-Cabelin is a blogger with Dusty Earth Mother.

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