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Greenpoint Residents Say Manhattan Avenue Space Is A Parking Trap

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Greenpoint, Brooklyn residents say they have a parking trap in their neighborhood, costing drivers hundreds of dollars a day in tickets.

As CBS2's Ali Bauman reported, drivers say nothing is being done about it.

The space looks like a parking spot, and it is used as a parking spot – but a parking spot it is not. And confused drivers are getting ticketed and towed every single day when they park in the space.

"One time, I parked here and got a $125 ticket," said Nicole Cirino.

"We had to pay $300 because we got a parking ticket, and you have to pay towing costs," said Ashli Bickford.

It is called the parking trap of Brooklyn, on Manhattan Avenue between Huron and India streets. Even a Department of Transportation driver and Greenpoint's city councilman have fallen for it.

"I've definitely gotten one or two tickets there myself," said Councilman Stephen Levin (D-33rd).

A sign is set up on the sidewalk, and it says two-hour metered parking is permitted from the sign to the end of the block. But on the other side of the sign, parking is not allowed – even though there is a space is all circled off by the same white line.

But the space on the other side of the sign is a no standing zone. There is another sign saying as much on the corner, where there used to be a bus stop.

The bust stop moved last year, but the parking rules stayed. Bauman explained it to some drivers who fell into the trap Tuesday morning.

"Wow – that's not good, not good. That's a setup," one man complained.

"The best solution is actually restoring all of the parking on that whole block because there's no bus stop there now, and so they really should restore all the parking that they can, and not give people a major headache and $115 ticket," added Councilman Levin.

Fed up drivers said they have tried reaching out to the city to no avail, so CBS2 decided to show the images to the Department of Transportation. A department representative told CBS2, "The DOT will look into adjusting the markings in this area to eliminate confusion indicating where drivers can park."

The DOT also reiterated that drivers should always follow city signs over painted traffic lines.

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