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Green Water Found Flowing Out Of Taps In Toms River, N.J.

TOMS RIVER, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- Residents in a New Jersey neighborhood have turned on their faucets of late and been shocked to see a green water mystery waiting for them.

CBS 2's Elise Finch spoke with residents of Toms River who are not happy with water flowing from their taps.

"The water is green coming out of the tap," Ed Lefebvre said.

The green color doesn't stand out in small amounts, but when residents use it in large volumes to fill up pools and bathtubs, it becomes very noticeable.

Lefebvre said he first noticed it when he was filling up his pool, two weeks ago. He told CBS 2 that he cleaned, drained and refilled the pool several times. He attempted to treat it chemically but could not make the water clear.

Lefebvre's neighbors have had the same problems, with their bath tubs and hot tubs.

"Four different products. We bought a new filter, that cost $65, and this continues," Elsa Hill said.

A representative from New Jersey American water told CBS 2 that it has sent a water quality expert to Toms River to take samples.

New Jersey American told CBS 2 that the water is still safe and drinkable, and that "it meets the standards established by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the USEPA." Preliminary tests have shown that the water contains iron that could be turning the water green.

In spite of assurances from the EPA that the water is drinkable, residents remain unconvinced.

"I'm not convinced what they're saying is the gospel truth," Lefebvre said.

Residents said until they see further results and action from the water company, they will not be drinking the water.

Final analysis of the water is due by Thursday. A representative from the water company told CBS 2 that it plans to notify residents and take appropriate action.

Would you drink the green water? Let us know in our comments section below...

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