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Shoppers Upset By Violent Altercation Caught On Video At Green Acres Mall

VALLEY STREAM, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- Police are continuing to investigate a violent exchange at a Long Island mall parking lot that was captured on cellphone video.

The brutality unfolded over a parking space at the Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream over the weekend, detectives said.

A 49-year-old woman was looking for a place to park Sunday when she saw a man standing in the middle of a space, apparently holding the spot. She ended up parking elsewhere, but as the victim walked past that group to get to the mall entrance, a verbal exchange ensued and escalated into a full blown physical pummeling, CBS2's Jennifer McLogan reported.

Police Investigating Violent Altercation At Long Island Mall

The women in the video Tawana Morel, 35, of Rosedal, Queens, and Latoya Friday, 24, of Arvene in the Rockaways, were allegedly the ones taking part in the parking lot brawl.

"Both females displayed in that video have been arrested for assault third, and both are being released on appearance tickets," Nassau County Police Chief Of Detective, Kevin Smith, said.

Police said Friday pulled into a spot as Morel's husband was standing and blocking the way to save it for his wife.

Detectives said Friday initiated the brawl, and Morel retaliated with her children looking on.

Hair pulling and punching ensued as a crowd appeared to encourage the violence.

"I heard a kid say 'mommy, mommy, stop,' so that is a bad example that you can just go around and beat up people," shopper Marie Campbell said.

The fight broke out not far from the Nassau Satellite Police Precinct at the mall.

There is additional footage being scrutinized, shoppers called the fight upsetting.

"It's stupidity. Somebody wanted a parking spot and they were going to fight over it. The parking lot is huge. they can park anywhere," Helene Redell said.

Onlookers will not be charged with taunting, inciting, or failure to call for help.

The brawling women from Queens are expected to appear in court within the week.

Nassau police are urging anyone with information on the incident to call Nassau County Crime Stoppers at 800-244-TIPS.

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