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Christie: My Weight Is A Serious Matter

UNION BEACH, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie poked fun at his weight during an appearance on the "Late Show" with David Letterman on Monday night, but he is actually getting serious about his weight.

As CBS 2's Christine Sloan reported, during the interview Monday, Letterman remarked, "We've made jokes about you – not just one or two; not just ongoing; intermittent, but…"

At that moment, Christie took out a doughnut and began eating it.

"I didn't know [the interview] was going to be this long," Christie said.

Christie has termed his girth "fair game" for comedians. But doctors said the governor's weight is nothing to laugh about.

"Obesity is no joking matter," said Dr. Ajay Goyal of Overlook Medical Center. "It's the number one cause of death in this country."

Sloan asked Christie on Tuesday if he is concerned about his health, and if he plans to go on a diet.

"Listen, Christine, this question is not a joking answer. It is serious," Christie replied. "OK, for folks who have struggles with their weight, if you talk to anyone in this room that struggles with their weight, what they will tell you is that every week, every month, every year, there is a plan."

Christie has gained a significant amount of weight since the time he was a U.S. Attorney from 2002 to 2008, and present day.

On the Letterman show, sitting in a chair seemed uncomfortable. But Christie said his weight doesn't stop him from doing his job.

"I know people have concerns," Christie said. "As I said to David on the show, so far, up to 50 years old, I've been remarkably been healthy. And, you know, my doctor continues to warn me my luck is going to run out."

Some residents at the governor's news conference were worried.

"You also help the governor, because we need him to be president," said Dorothy Colao of Union Beach.

While doctors said Christie's cholesterol and blood sugar levels may be fine for now, they said it does not mean he will not have a problem in the future.

"Studies show your risk of developing high cholesterol level, high blood pressure and sleep apnea are significantly increased," Goyal said.

Goyal said diet and exercise work for most people, but for someone like Christie, who is more than 100 pounds overweight, surgery might be the most effective method.

Do you think Gov. Christie is taking his weight seriously enough? Leave your comments below...

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