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LISTEN: Gov. Chris Christie, WFAN Caller Get Into Testy Exchange

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie defended himself Tuesday for filling in again as a guest host on WFAN's "Boomer & Carton Show."

A caller, Brian from New Jersey, challenged Christie, asking him if he would be happy with a teacher who missed as many days of work as Christie has in the past year and who took a personal day to host a radio program.

"First off, I don't miss any days," the governor fired back. "And every day that I'm up and awake and alive, I'm the governor. And I'm making decisions and doing things no matter where I am."

Christie, who also co-hosted the morning sports show last week, justified his radio appearance by saying that, in addition to being fun for him, his exposure on the CBS Sports Network was a good thing for the state and that he still had plenty of time to do his regular job after he signed off at 10 a.m.

"You're obviously a bitter, angry guy," Christie told the caller.

Brian countered by telling the governor: "You're not putting your full attention toward the state of New Jersey when we are paying you to put your full attention toward your state of New Jersey."

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Christie pressed Brian on what his connection to teachers was. The caller said he has many friends who are teachers and believes the governor does not support educators.

Christie argued that he has no beef with teachers, only with health benefits and pensions that are crippling the state financially.

"I'm anti people getting benefits that they don't pay for, that the taxpayers have to pay for," the governor said. "I'm anti people getting huge pensions that they put $125,000 into over a 30-year career and get over $2 million out of at the end, and the people can't pay for it anymore. And I'm the first guy who's been willing to talk about it and to be able to stand up to the unions and say it's wrong."

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