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Gotham Gossipist: Lourdes Leon Sings Back-Up For Madonna

By Kimberly Rae Miller

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- What's that sound?  Is that nepotism I hear singing...oh no, it's Madonna's daughter Lourdes.

Madge fans will be happy to hear that the Material Girl has a new album coming out. MDNA isn't scheduled to be released to the public until March 26th, but gossip hound Perez Hilton has been bestowed the honor of leaking each track to his readers until the album hits shelves (or more era-appropriate, iTunes) later this month.

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The latest track to make its way to the Internet is a ditty titled "Superstar,"  this cleverly titled track is a sequel to Madonna's 1998 song "Little Star," a song she wrote about her infant daughter Lourdes.

Well, Lourdes is all grown up and a freshman at New York's famed performing arts school, The LaGuardia High School.

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In "Superstar," Lourdes debuts her vocal chops as a back up singer for her mother, in a song about her.

That's weird, right?

You know what's weirder?  The lyrics:

You're my gangster, you're like Al Capone
You're like Caesar stepping on to the throne
You're Abe Lincoln coz you fight for what's right
You're my angel bringing peace to my life

I'm not so sure comparing ones daughter to Al Capone is flattering, but every family has its own special dynamic.

One thing's for certain: This family dynamic includes professional benefits. Lourdes may only be 15, but she's already co-designer of her mother's clothing line, and now singing backup to this gem of a chorus.

Listen closely, you may hear little Lola mixed in with the chorus.

Oh lala you're my superstar
Oh lala love the way that you are
Oh lala you're my superstar
Oh lala that's what you are

Yup, that's what you are, Lola, but your mom's career may have seen better days.

MDNA Preview - Superstar by Madonna on YouTube
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