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Gotham Gossipist: Are Snooki And The Situation Out Of Work?

Are the powers that be at 495 Productions (aka the masterminds behind MTVs cult-hit "Jersey Shore") down on rehab and pre-marital pregnancy?

Maybe, but chances are they're more down on a loss of ratings due to Snooki's pregnancy-induced inability to drink, and The Situations new 12-step program.  TMZ is reporting that producers for "Jersey Shore" are phasing out two of their most popular characters.

A show insider told the gossip site that the potentially cleaner lifestyles for Snooki and The Situation would make the show "lose its sex-crazed alcohol-fueled edge."

Producers will be limiting the amount of screen time they give to the newly sober cast-members, and instead focus their energies on highlighting other members of the "JS" cast.  Expect new cast members to enter the fold, producers are currently planning to introduce new "juiceheads" to the mix.

Have no fear "Shore" fans, not a modicum of class will be had this season.

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