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Gotham Gossipist: Alec Baldwin's Alleged Stalker Arrested; Baldwin Tweets About Incident

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Alec Baldwin may have seen his physical peak back in his Beetlejuice days, but that doesn't seem to have slowed him down much with the ladies.

Baldwin is only a week into his engagement to 28-year old yoga instructor, Hilaria Thomas, and he's already getting restraining orders against crazy Canadian stalkers who claim to want his love child.

Rough life.

According to The New York Post, Genevieve Sabourin, a 40-year-old Canadian actress who worked with Baldwin on the set of the 2002 film, "The Adventures of Pluto Nash," has been following Baldwin between his home in The Hamptons and his Soho apartment trying to convince him to impregnate her.

A source told the Daily News that Baldwin agreed to have dinner with Sabourin in 2011 as a favor to a friend, which was the beginning of the stalking.  The 40-year-old Canadian actress proceeded to send him so many e-mails and text messages that Baldwin eventually changed his number.

Not one to take a hint, Sabourin sent creepy emails to Baldwin last week upon her arrival in New York, including the following gems:

April 4: "I need to start my new life, with my new name, with my new career in my new country help my newly husband, you!"

April 4: "I need you now, please Alec come and pick me up now. I am less than 10 min away from you tonight. Say I do to me."

April 4: "I'm existed about that portion of the process, creating Genevieve Baldwin and get all of what I want is the best part."

April 6: "I hope I did not ruin everything by my lack of freedom and passive. I am very weak nOw and vulnerable...and so, I played defensive instead of going for it. I am so sorry, I did not know."

April 7: "There Are very crucial/vital things I need here and today, I want you to be the one giving them to me. I need to see you."

The attorney representing the actress insisted that Baldwin and his client enjoyed a  "mutual relationship" with "phone calls and texts going both ways" over a two-year period.

After 10-days of solid stalking the  "30 Rock" actor filed a police complaint.  Sabourin  was able to dodge the Suffolk County Police, but was eventually detained by the NYPD when she showed up at Baldwin's Soho home.

Baldwin Tweeted about the episode Tuesday, writing, "Isn't it odd when an accused stalker is in handcuffs, being taken away by the cops, yet smiles for the cameras?''

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