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Gotham Gossipist: 80s Icon Sebastian Bach Loses Jersey Home To Irene

By Kimberly Rae Miller

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- For those of you who have been sitting around wondering what happened to that hunky chap from the 80s hair band Skid Row for the last 20 years, have no fear, Sebastian Bach has been living in Jersey all this time.

But now he may be forced to move.

It's not that Bach lost that Garden State loving feeling; it's that Hurricane Irene wasn't such a big fan of Bach.  New Jersey became the adopted home of the Canadian born Skid Row singer, whose real name is Sebastian Philip Bierk, having made his home there for the last 21 years.

Sebastian Bach's Flooded Home
"Somewhere under this water is a KISS pinball machine & 2 gargoyles from the Dynasty tour. If you see them floating past your house, they're mine. Or at least they were," Sebastian Bach said on Facebook.

Bach took to Facebook Sunday to post pictures of his devastated property, stating "I am numb, in shock, & devastated to report that my home of 21 years, my house featured on MTV Cribs, has been destroyed, condemned, & deemed uninhabitable due to the extreme flooding courtesy of Hurricane Irene."

Gone are Bach's collection of KISS memorabilia, including gargoyles from the 1979 tour and a KISS pinball machine.  Skid Row fans will never get that boxed set they've been longing for, as Bach also lost master tapes, video & audio, concerts, master tapes from his own band.

The 80s icon's home has been condemned until water recedes from the area, and he has been ordered not to start pumping water from his home for fear of electrocution.

He used his Facebook page to announce his plans to move across the country.

"I will always love New Jersey, but now there is literally nothing left for me here except memories of a past life," he said. "Hello, Los Angeles. Hello, New Life. Here I am. It's time for a new start. Like I have a choice."

Sorry Sebastian, maybe Irene is more of an R&B fan.

Kimberly Rae Miller is a writer, actress, and host living in New York City (

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