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Glaring Omission: Pierce Leaves Out Knicks When Naming East Contenders

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- Paul Pierce was introduced by the Nets on Thursday afternoon at Barclays Center, in addition to former ex-Celtics Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry.

Among the many questions he took from the media, the small forward was asked to assess where the Nets stack up in the Eastern Conference.

"I think we're going to be right up there with the best of them," the 10-time NBA All-Star said. "I mean, right now you talk about Miami, obviously, they're the champs. You look at what Chicago is doing. Indiana. And then I think you've really gotta take a close look at what we've been able to put together."

Notice a team missing? How about those crosstown Knicks that finished second in the conference last season?

The 2008 NBA Finals MVP chatted with WFAN co-hosts Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts following the news conference, and Roberts asked Pierce if he intentionally left out the Knicks when discussing the top teams in the East.

"Definitely," the 35-year-old said assertively.

PHOTOS: Brooklyn Nets Introduce Garnett, Pierce, Terry

Pierce, who has been a Knicks killer throughout his 15-year career, plans to continue dominating New York as a member of the Nets.

"I always just had something about going into the Garden and performing," Pierce told Joe & Evan. "It's just one of those stages where the stars are gonna come out, the fans are gonna be on you, and it makes my juices flow every time I've ever stepped in that building. It's a place where I thrive in, and I enjoyed going there for so many years. I'm going to enjoy it as a Brooklyn Net."

After 15 years in Boston, Pierce admitted that it was difficult to accept that fact that he's no longer a Celtic. But now that he's in Brooklyn, he's excited to get started and lead the Nets to the NBA Finals.

Paul Pierce

"It's soaking in right now, just to have an opportunity to play with so many other great players, try to win a championship," Pierce said. "That's all you can ask for when you've been in the league 15 years; you had a taste of success, you want nothing but more. And to have the opportunity in Brooklyn, I can't wait."

Kevin Garnett

Jason Terry

Jason Kidd

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