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Brooklyn property owner fined $2 million for code violations at Bedford-Stuyvesant apartment building

Property owner fined $2M for violations at Brooklyn apartment building
Property owner fined $2M for violations at Brooklyn apartment building 02:06

NEW YORK -- A Brooklyn property owner was fined millions of dollars for not making repairs at an apartment building in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Records show hundreds of violations. CBS2's Alice Gainer spoke with tenants desperate to know when they'll have the basics like hot water, heat and gas.

"This is the cooker, and you see the rat traps? Mice, crawling all over the place," one tenant said.

Residents at 25 MacDonough St. showed CBS2's Alice Gainer the hot plates they have to use to cook.

"This is about three years since the gas was turned off," one resident said.

He says heat comes and goes.

Another resident showed CBS2 where the owner came in to make a repair to the fire escape outside and left behind a hole in the wall.

"This is over a year, and they haven't come and fixed this thing. This is where the rats do their dance," the resident said.

Two violation notices posted in the lobby are for no hot water and a locked boiler room.

There are 267 violations listed on the Housing Preservation and Development's website since 2018 for the 19-unit Brooklyn apartment building.

Last week, a judge ordered Gilmer Holding Corporation and Lynn Callender, owners of the property, and managing agent Lamarr Jones to pay $2 million in fines for code violations after failing to comply with two previous orders to make improvements.

Longtime tenant Lorna Holder and another resident also sued the landlord.

"The landlord doesn't speak to us. He doesn't answer us when we try to call," Holder said.

CBS2 tried to go to the offices of Gilmer Holding Corporation, but you need an appointment. The phone number just goes to voicemail, and no one has gotten back to us.

HPD says in part, "This is an important step toward addressing longstanding code violations in this building and improving the conditions for the families who live there."

Holder is hoping repairs finally come soon. That's all she and other residents can do at this point.

"Have you seen the rents in Bed-Stuy? I cannot afford to move anywhere," she said.

Gilmer has until Jan. 31 to pay the $2 million. They did not respond to emails.

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