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Sen. Gillibrand Pushes For Tighter Gun Control Laws

UNIONDALE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is pushing to get tighter gun laws passed in Washington.

"The details of every gun crime -- the victims, the criminals, the location -- they're all different. But in so many of these violent crimes the most important fact is often the same. Too often someone who has no business getting their hands on a weapon uses a gun to commit violence, to injure people, to kill people and even to commit heinous mass murder," Gillibrand said Monday.

Gillibrand, who was joined by advocates and survivors of gun violence at an event in Uniondale, said her three bills would make gun trafficking illegal on a federal level, ban assault weapons and make bump stocks or any other item that accelerates a semi-automatic rifle's rate of fire illegal.

"The Second Amendment does not mean that Americans should have to risk getting shot just because they walked down the wrong street or went to a music festival in Las Vegas, or a nightclub in Orlando or an elementary school in Newtown," Gillibrand said.

Amory Sepulveda was just 19 year old when a drive-by shooting Hempstead 17 years ago left her paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.

She has been pushing for better gun control laws ever since.

"It's time to make change," Sepulveda said. "I have a daughter, I don't want her to grow up in an environment where I'm going to have to be worried that if she goes to Hempstead to have dinner she will be shot."

Gillibrand is urging Congress to take immediate action and pass the proposed legislation.

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