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Giants' Eli Manning: Give Me Plaxico Burress Over Tiki Barber

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- Consider Eli Manning on the record. When it comes to former Giants on the comeback trail, Manning would rather be reunited with Plaxico Burress than Tiki Barber.

"Probably Plaxico," Manning said during an appearance on "The Dan Patrick Show" Monday. "He has probably fonder memories, winning a Super Bowl, that catch for the touchdown in Super Bowl XLII."

Burress has enjoyed Manning's support since just before his release from prison on a gun charge earlier this month.

Barber, on the other hand, criticized the quarterback on television shortly after his retirement, saying Manning's attempts to lead the team were at times "comical."

"Tiki just ended on a bad note," Manning said. "It's really a shame, he should be remembered as a great Giants running back and a terrific player, because he was, but the way he went out he burned a few bridges. ... So I think Plaxico would probably be welcomed back a little quicker."

Barber's barbs didn't sit well with Manning, and before the 2007 season he fired back: "I'm not going to lose any sleep about what Tiki has to say."

"I responded back and I think guys liked to see that from me," Manning told Patrick. "I couldn't just sit there and do nothing."

The embattled running back responded to his critics during a contentious back-and-forth affair with WFAN's Mike Francesa on June 22.

"I'm sure it probably has to do with the fact that I criticized Tom Coughlin and he goes and wins a Super Bowl," Barber said. "Or the conversations that I had about Eli Manning (that) got blown out of proportion. Things like that (where) people felt like I, as someone with knowledge, was attacking somebody that I just left, when it really wasn't. It was just giving my opinion about things, and I've always been opinionated."

Giants fans: who would you rather have, Plax or Tiki? Sound off in the comments below...

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