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Lost Dog Found On Island 5 Weeks After Falling Off Boat Near California

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (CBSNewYork) -- One lucky dog has been rescued after falling off a boat in the Pacific Ocean.

Luna, an 18-month-old blue-eyed German Shepherd, fell overboard from a fishing boat nearly five weeks ago off the coast of San Clemente Island near San Diego.

Nick Haworth, Luna's owner searched the area for days after Luna's disappearance, but was unsuccessful, CBS Los Angeles reported. By Feb. 20, Hadworth presumed his beloved pet was gone for good.

Missing German Shepherd
Luna, an 18-month German Shepherd, swam to shore after falling off the side of a boat in early 2016. (Credit: CBS2)

However, Luna somehow managed to swim to San Clemente Island, which is owned by the U.S. Navy. Luna was later found walking along one of the roads there.

"This is not a day that we thought would ever happen," Connor Lamb, a friend of Luna's owner, said.

Lamb came to take Luna home as her owner was out of town at the time of her discovery.

Luna is expected to be reunited with her owner on Thursday.

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